N E W _ I R R A T I O N A L _ P A T T E R N S _ by Hofstetter Kurt (c) VBK Wien
Asymmetric, aperiodic patterns created following a simple rule using a single tile iteratively

Art theoretician Wolf Guenter Thiel (Berlin, 2008):
Since 2007, Hofstetter has been developing another cycle of works, pictures created using his method of "inductive rotation". In this work, he spins geometrical basic forms like, for example, the sphere, in three-dimensional space and allows this constellation of four, in part overlapping spheres to rotate in 90-degree steps. He repeats this process many times, and achieves a spatial, constantly expanding structure that he brings onto one level by way of parallel projection, thus generating large surface images. The special thing about these images lies ultimately in the irregularity of their form constellations. The purpose and meaning of these works no longer inheres in a semantic significance, but their geometry, their structure, their make up, and their artistic authority. For Hofstetter, as an artistic authority, they are individual works and work groups, and he shows them as such. He recognizes in the images of inductive rotation the processes that take place by way of geometrical processes, and recognizes the mathematical consequences of the statement: despite the regularity of the method, there is no regular pattern. The special thing about the works of Hofstetter is that geometrically they are themselves reality, and understandable as such. Only then does the search for meaning begin in the sense of a radical constructivism. A search for meaning that looks for associations and finds them in arabesques. Seen in mathematical terms, there is the objectivity in the sense of a congruence between a perceived (constructed) image and reality. But the perception of a non-mathematician is subjective, without exception. This interaction between subjective perception, the search for meaning, and objective forms means for the beholder a lasting experience.


I: patterns mostly based on BMP graphics
, TT
, GT
, loops
, spheories
, OT
, NT
, Coffee_C
, SX
, Cubic_C / Die Kubische See

II: patterns mostly based on vectorgraphics
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, Inductive Rotation Images:

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