On the Event Horizon of Order

exhibition at the Sharjah Art Museum / United Arabic Emirates
within the frame of the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival  17|12|2014 - 17|01|2015
see video by Barbara Doser
image by Barbara Doser (c) Bildrecht, Wien, 2014  next >>
OtEHoO-00-0 (c) Barbara
                  Doser 2014

The exhibition "On the Event Horizon of Order" copmrises two galleries:
including the sculpture "SINGULAR FIELD" and "N.I.C. - nature is cool" miniatures with their geometry plans as well as
pictures - artistically derived from my scientific discoveries of new geometric constructions of the Golden Mean using ruler and compass.
including five framed paper collages  as well as the pure textile rolls "Viennese Waltz" created following my discovery of the "Inductive Rotation" (IR) method - a new scientific method to generate non-periodic tilings, patterns and textiles using just one prototile

Many thanks to the Art Directorate of the Department of Culture and Information, Government of Sharjah, UAE

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